Much more than a career pep-talk, Dr. Bray's book provides tools, concrete advice, and client stories to increase awareness and  inspire change in your life and in your career. 

Discover how thousands of other professionals  have reenergized their careers and their lives  with this information and guidance previously  available only through organizational training  sessions and paid workshops.

You’ll Learn:

  • Master the key principles of career development
  • Create and execute a ready-to-go career plan
  • Learn how to maximize your job satisfaction and earning potential 
  • Overcome career fear, beat job boredom and finally do what you feel passionate about 

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  • There is no one like Dr. Bray... [he] has the uncanny ability to inspire, encourage, scold, and coach you. If you are looking for career help, Dr. Bray is the guide you want on that journey!"

    Justin F. 

  • Dr. Bray has a remarkably straightforward and effective coaching and teaching style. His positivity and art of communicating have helped me become a better individual both in and away from the workplace."

    John L. 

  • It’s not often that you find someone as fun and inspiring to work with as Dr. Bray.  Working with him helped me to be confident in who I am, what I bring to the table, and what I want in my future career.  He helped prepare me to take the next step in my career!"

    Melanie B. 

    North Carolina
  • Consider it the most valuable guide book to publishing success.” I can't wait for the world to meet Dr. Bray! With his help I was able to define a direct path to achieve what I was looking for in my career. He brings a unique mixture of candor, inspiration and humor that is the perfect combination. I will forever be grateful that I found him!"

    Jess W. 

  • Don't buy Dr. Bray's book. I don't want him to make more money than I do."


    Dr. Bray's brother

Dr. CK Bray

About the Author

DR. C.K. BRAY is a nationally recognized career and organizational development expert and corporate consultant who speaks and trains worldwide. Working with individuals and  a variety of organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Silicon Valley start-ups, he helps employees and leaders develop skills in leadership, success, engagement and career development. He also provides free career advice at through his podcast, blog, and videos.
Dr. Bray lives with 
his wife and six children in Arizona.